About US

TES Engineering PLC established in 2018 following Ethiopian government privatization reform on Telecom business which is inevitable situation that attract many of us specially Towercos and Operators.

TES founders and management team have a wide Experience on telecom Projects over 20 years Specially the past 13 years as a team in different companies being expertise in telecom projects and operations with most of Towerco’s and Telecom Operators in Africa and Asia.  These highly qualified international experiences help us to know our clients requirement in terms of SHEQ, Tower structural analysis and rectification, Site built, Equipment installation and commissioning and so on.  We integrate our core competencies with our clients’ businesses to provide cost-effective solutions that allow our clients to succeed in their business goals.




Our Mission

To become the partner of choice for our clients, and focusing its extensive engineering experience and resources on providing innovative and practical solutions to clients’

Our Vision

Become the leading provider of infrastructure solution and Services to the evolving telecom and Power industries in Ethiopia and Africa. Integrating our core experiences with our customers’ businesses, and providing cost effective solutions.


TES Values

TES’s values are consistently aligned with the Vision and Mission to the extent that they are instrumental for achieving these, and fundamentally reflect an ethical attitude based on principles of tolerance, respect and cooperation with all the stakeholders with which the company wishes to develop and consolidate its project:

  • We take charge of the proactive consolidation of our projects.
  • We uncover, understand and consolidate the needs of our customers.
  • We bring value to new ideas, approaching them with a creative, professional and critical attitude in order to put them into practice.

We reach our objectives through a combination of enthusiasm, logic and pragmatism.

We demonstrate integrity in our actions and also we do what we say.